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 Not so secret appication

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PostSubject: Not so secret appication   Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:48 am


Name: Rianne
Age: Old and wrinkled
Location: Holland

Char name: Famulan
Level: 80 (as of 28th of November)
Race: Tauren, and yes, you can moo me
Class: Shaman
Spec (intended end game): Elemental
Link to armoury:

WoW experience: Been playing for a few years now. Ashamed to say I started as ally druid. But then made a horde char for fun and felt right at home. That’s about the time I started to play more. But the thing on my old server was that they were already far on raiding and there was no way I could catch up. Even though I made some good friends I decided to change to this realm where a friend of mine already had a char. Too bad he does not play anymore, but in the meantime made some new wonderful friends. And it’s because of these people I really got the feel for raiding.
Previous guilds: My only guild on SH has been TAB, like Bannan. And yes, it is a lovely guild, despite the name. Maybe if it was called the Gnome Bashers I would have stayed no matter what. But, as it stands I would have to agree with Bannan that TAB is not moving forward anymore. And why I play a shammy? I’m in love with my totems, the offheal and the shocks. I would love Blizz to let us jump a bit when we shock someone, would be a blast to see us cows jump.

Reasons for Joining: So, besides the moving on part I heard a lot of good things about VFML. And the biggest reason of all was that Bannan decided to go. Had a good hard think and made my mind up that it would be the best thing to ask you if I could join as well.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Me, myself and I? I live in Holland, which is not something I can complaint about. I have a boyfriend who works at sea most of the year. And besides a 4 day working week plenty of spare time to play WoW. About my personality? That’s a hard question. I think that is for other people to say. I try to be patient and helpful. Only thing that really rocks my boat are ally gnomes, don’t ask me why, maybe I should go and see a shrink about that. But they really really get up my nerves.
But anyway. I would really really love to join your guild.
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PostSubject: Re: Not so secret appication   Sun Nov 30, 2008 6:20 am

Hi Rianne,

thanks for your application, an officer will be in touch shortly


Insert Pretty Sig here.
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Not so secret appication
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