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 80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat

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80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat Empty
PostSubject: 80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat   80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat EmptySat Feb 28, 2009 12:41 pm

Hello VFML!

(I know it would be easier for you to read with your default form, but I do believe that this paragraph style would help me express myself better. I'm sorry about this, I hope this won't be a problem for you.)

As some of you may know, I've been to 2 of your raids before. Veniversum had asked me before if I could join the guild, but sadly, I had to refuse this offer back then. I was in guild Stardust and I enjoyed my stay in there a lot, so I didn't want to change my guild. Not that I didn't consider this offer, but since I wasn't a hardcore player (which you guys seemed so), I thought that a possible guild change might look wrong to my ex guildies, since I was known to be pretty casual afterall (which I still am).

Things had to change sadly. You can't MAKE some ppl believe in what you believe. It doesn't necessarily have to be that way anyway, I know that. Afterall, they too have their own ideas and such. So I respect them. But at some point, if those ideas don't stand well together, you just have to stop right there.

Long story short, the reason that made me leave my guild was, our guild leader's choice for a naxx 25 raid. He gave my spot to a mage from another guild. This is a long story and in order to understand me, you need to know about me, like what type of a player I am, and what I am doing for my guilds, how I'm playing and such. I personally wouldn't want to talk about all this stuff that made me quit my guild. I loved those guys, and I still do so. But I don't think they understood me well.

Well... Let me tell you abit about myself

My name is Ozgur, and I'm 25 years old. I'm from Istanbul/Turkey. You know me from my hunter, but actually that is my alt. My main char is a warlock. My hunter may be the most powerful, comparing to my other toons, but warlock will always remain (at least I wish it would be) as my main. It's a 3.5 years old char. However, it hasn't been active all this time. I have cancelled my subsciption 4 times now, and 5th one might be close unless you accept this application (: . My warlock also was deleted once, due to me being tired of the game. I had regretted that action, so I had asked GMs for a recovery. That was quite some time ago. I came back to the game this summer once again, and was looking for a casual guild. Stardust it was. 2 months ago I had to cancel my subscription again, due to massive imbalances within the game (my warlock was destroyed to the ground in arenas), game felt like a huge grind fest to me, so I quitted. 2-3 weeks ago a few of my IRL friends asked me if I could help them with showing the game. I accepted. Since you can't pay to play just for one day or a week, I went with the 1 month subscription, and I keep playing as of now. I don't know If I'll continue playing, or how long I will. Please keep on reading Smile

Anyway back to my chars:
This is my lvl 80 ud warlock (108 days played): . I couldn't gear up this toon, after I started playing with the hunter. My intention for wotlk was keeping warlock for PVP, and doing PVE with the hunter. Having more than 1 character, and maintaining all their needs are a tough thing. Notice the pvp rank of the lock.

These were the guilds I've been to in this realm: . You may notice that I was in Reunion once. Before we are there, I need to mention that I came to this realm from Veknilash (due to lag and very long waiting times to do some arena), and to Veknilash from Burning Legion (over populated, was super laggy). My first guild in here was Reunion. Those guys were not at this level by then. We were just doing Karazhan and some t4 content like gruul. I had to leave them due a player named Ganima, offending me about some Arena related issues, accusing me that I know nothing and such. Funny thing is, my char was a centurion, and he had no rank at all. Everything was going nice within the guild till that accident which after, made me leave the guild. I joined another guild called lahmacuh (turkish only players) which I knew I wasn't going to stay for long. It was a temporary thing. After a few days, I quitted the game again, and returned this summer, as I've mention somewhere up there Smile

I told Veni that I liked long posts... No casualties yet I hope (:

And here's my lvl 80 orc hunter (33 days played): . It also is an old char (Notice the scout pvp rank). It was sleeping in gromgol at lvl 43. One day, when warlock started to become a bit boring, I remembered the char (it was in another realm, Burning Legion), transfered it to here and kept playing with it. For pure pve purposes, hunter was so much fun, comparing to warlock. As you know, It has some control over battle, like distracting bosses, when the tank is low on hp, to buy your healers some time, misdirecting and such. It also has this imba ability, 'feign death'. I mean, it was a lot of fun, so I kept playing with the hunter instead.

This char was Stardust's best dpser.

You may see my hunter as BM. If so, that means I'm soloing some stuff (mainly old content atm). For the last couple months, I was raiding with a cookie cutter surv spec, since it was maintaining the highest dps. So don't judge my talents right away.

There's one more toon I have, which I don't think I'll play with, a lvl 73 tauren druid (17 days played): . I'm not very interested in this char at the moment.

My pve progress in wotlk is like, except malygos, and os with drakes up, I know every other encounter. We had attempted malygos in 10 men for once, 2,5 months ago or something, and that's it.

Let me tell you about my real intentions with making this application, my aims, and why I want to join VFML now.

-First of all, I'm not making this app. to be a main raider. I'm not a hardcore player, and I'll never be. I'm making this application to be some kind of a backup to your current players, like if some player can't join to a raid, I'll take his place. Something similar like that.

-I'M NOT INTERESTED IN ITEMIZATION. <- Same sentence I kept saying in my last 3 guild applications. Every item in this game, will be replaced with some new items, and those will be replaced with something else and on and on. I've seen quite few times, that people break hearts just for the sake of gear and such.

Also another reason why I'm not interested in gear at all is, I may leave the game once again. And when I'm joining a guild, I would know that I shouldn't gather every possible stuff and then disappear for a year. That would kill the guild's progression, and I DO know that.

Does that mean I don't need items never ever? Of course not. Maybe spare ones, the stuff that noone needs, things like that. You decide. My statement and real intention with this idea stands still, and will always remain this way.

-I may be casual, but IF I'm going to be in a raid, I give my best, always. No afks, no jokes, no intentional mistakes (everybody might screw, that's different). No stuff like this. No, I'm not hardcore enough to be able to raid 5 days a week, but I'm hardcore enough to know that I'm not soloing there, there are 24 other ppl, and I should respect that. Again, IF I'm into a raid. I hope you understand me here.

-I want to join because I like guild chat. This is a mmorpg. This or that way, I want to share, something, anything. Being guildless is kinda dull, it's not fun.

-I want to explore. If I'll keep playing, I'd like to see Ulduar, for once at least.

-We played together. Not much, but we did. You saw how I played. This is also another reason why I'm making this application in here, and not in somewhere else.

I want VFML to be my last guild. I don't want to make another application. I don't want this anymore. I hope you'll understand me in here.

This was a long post. I wanted to explain myself as much as possible. If there's something that I'm missing, or you would like to know, please let me know.

I hope you'll consider my application well, and will invite me in the end.

Even if you don't, I wish you guys the best. You are a really solid guild and I hope you keep it this way all the time.


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80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat Empty
PostSubject: Re: 80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat   80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat EmptySat Feb 28, 2009 5:40 pm

another member for turkish squad:D welcome and i hope u enjoy your stay:D
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80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat Empty
PostSubject: Re: 80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat   80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat EmptyMon Mar 02, 2009 3:32 am

great application Jugger Smile

glad to have you here.

Welcome to the Llamas!

Insert Pretty Sig here.
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80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat Empty
PostSubject: Re: 80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat   80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat Empty

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80 orc hunter (with additional 80 warlock?) - Juggerneat
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