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PostSubject: joining Victory For My Llamas   joining Victory For My Llamas EmptyMon Apr 06, 2009 3:24 am

my name is daniel, and i live in sweden. though dont underetimate me, i am able to speak and understand advanced english. lets got to the point.

in shattered halls, i play a lvl 80 (ofc) balance druid. i am geared and experienced, and i am NOT a lootwhore. i hate those. i am not a ninja either.

i have spoken to some of the members in VFML, and i have been informed that you have a few gered boomkins, but i am welcome to join anyways.

why did i chose to apply to VFML?
- well, i have been told that you are a reliable guild with mature members and so on. i have not been very lucky with my former guilds, they have mostly been full of spoiled 12yearold lootwhores without any kind of skill.

i have played all speccs as druid, and i have some gear for feral in my bag.
i prefer boomkin though, but i could respecc if guild really needs.

about my experience - full TBC exept sunwell and some BT bosses
- VoA normal and HC
- Naxxramas normal and HC (not with this char though)
- OS normal and HC
- EoE - i know tactics, but i have no experience in it
- All 5man normal and HC
- I know tactics for OS with drakes aswell, never done it

thanks for reading my apply Smile

//Daniel / Disturbia
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PostSubject: Re: joining Victory For My Llamas   joining Victory For My Llamas EmptyMon Apr 06, 2009 4:29 am

Hi, thanks for the application.

If you could fill out the application template found HERE then an Officer will be able to get back to you with an answer Smile

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joining Victory For My Llamas
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