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 Toranaga, Orc, Protection Warrior

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PostSubject: Toranaga, Orc, Protection Warrior   Toranaga, Orc, Protection Warrior EmptyFri Apr 17, 2009 4:17 pm

Well ... since you guys wanted a lenghty application ... here it goes Very Happy
I am a 29 years old male. I live in Bucharest, Romania. I work as a cameraman for the state televison.
My gaming experience started with Arkanoid and Prince of Persia, then followed Wolfenstein and Doom ... Dune ... Warcraft1 (hated that alt+m to move units) ... wait, that`s too early ...
Skipping some gaming experiences ... I played Lineage2 since Chronicle1 to Interlude - a little too much time if you ask me. Game is really ruined first of all by it's own devs, then by bots ( rang rang, cao ni ma ) and l2walker. Don`t get me started on Lineage 2 Razz I played a little EvE-O for about an year and a half. Then, because most of my friends were playing WoW i decided to give it a try and I found in it all the missing things from Lineage. Well ... except that "i can do whatever i goddamn want" and "kzzzt ... kzzzt ... P W N A G E " feeling free pvp/pk gives you. But compared to the useless quests and insane mindless grinding of Lineage, or the repetitive pattern of Eve-o missions, the pve in wow was exactly what I wanted from a mmorpg. That`s why I decided to become a Tank and experience all possible instances.
I started as a noob with all my friends laughing at me. Experienced lots of poe (player owned by environment) ... waited for the boat in Shadowprey Village ... tryed to stay underwater more than an undead ... etc
I met Krek who desperatedly needed a Tank - so desperatedly that he took a noob like me Very Happy . I learned alot and got some decent gear in NNT guild.
Raiding progress was good ... as long as it lasted : Karazhan, Grull, TK, SSC, ZA and ofc Outland 5man Dungeons hc. And I`m talking about the time when Kara needed attunement and Tier4 was something you were envied for Very Happy
Then some guys got geared and left, new guys comed in rags and had priority on loot, ofc drama started, /gquit and stuff ... NNT slowly died.
My friend Unstopabull from Theorycraft did let me play for a few months his character, but i wanted a good guild and progress for my own toon.
After some dark times for Toranaga, who was raiding now only in pugs ( and everybody knows random groups suck ) , a new hope camed from Alliance Bashers, a small but dedicated guild, led by Bannan. I made some good friends there and also some instances, but we had too few toons able to raid. AB dissolved too.
My friends from MEAN invited me just after wotlk launched and I joined them, but only for a short time, because I had the final exams to carry.
Now I`m back in wow.
My gear is crappy, my wotlk raiding experience is low. I am however aware of sites like wowwiki, thottbot or wowhead and i know how to do my homework when it comes to raid.
I like raiding and tanking alot and I learn fast. I like to progress with a guild and make friends. I`m not the guild changing type ... in fact I`m the guild involved and dedicated type. I like rules if they are just and usefull.
Truth be told, wow is not a job and most enjoyable things are good times and fun we have together in a guild.
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Toranaga, Orc, Protection Warrior Empty
PostSubject: Re: Toranaga, Orc, Protection Warrior   Toranaga, Orc, Protection Warrior EmptyFri Apr 17, 2009 4:50 pm

Thanks for the application.

Unfortunately our raiding week consists solely of Ulduar, so we are unable to gear you in 3.0 raids. If however you manage to get a decent level of gear yourself with PUGS, we would be happy to reconsider the application.

Best of luck

Toranaga, Orc, Protection Warrior 199169
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Toranaga, Orc, Protection Warrior
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