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Victory For My Llamas
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 Me, myself and Famulan

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PostSubject: Me, myself and Famulan   Sun Apr 19, 2009 7:00 am


I'm trying to figure out why my dps is slightly behind my expectations on Ulduar 10. Knowing experience is a big chunk of it, I also believe my hit needs a boost. The one thing I can think of is the Maly 25 neckless Sad. Would be lovely if we could run that somewhere in the near future. 320 hit hopefully will see some changes. Having a SP on 25 should do the trick there but I don't think I should take that as a given.

Rotation wise I don't see anything different on any forums, so will keep working hard to get it back where it should be.

Any tips and tricks from anyone are welcome..

Edit: OMG, just read on forum that ppl feel there is a bug with dual speccing which makes us loose LvB crits by up to 2k Sad. Apparantly shamanism isn't working. I soooooooooooo hope this isn't true, will check my recount next time to see whether it has changed.

Starting to feel dual speccing wasn't such a good deccision to take in this place and time..
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PostSubject: Re: Me, myself and Famulan   Sun Apr 19, 2009 11:05 am

And there it was again, that false hope of a Famulan's RL picture. Sad
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Me, myself and Famulan
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