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 Officers of VFML

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Officers of VFML Empty
PostSubject: Officers of VFML   Officers of VFML EmptyThu Apr 23, 2009 4:35 am

Should you need to contact any of the officers in game. they are listed below:


Blowmytotem - Guild Master
Veniversum - Recruitment / Raid Leader
Asop - Raid Leader
Famulan - Quartermaster
Grayfoxnl - Bank Officer
Hellgrazer - Raid Leader

Class leaders

Hunters - Ossy
Shaman - Blowmytotem
Mages - Veniversum
Warriors - Asop
Death Knights - Hellgrazer
Warlocks - Ultin
Priests - Liopleuradon
Druids - Infectum
Rogue - Daddy
Paladin - Deathstick

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Officers of VFML
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