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 Mage apply

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PostSubject: Mage apply   Mage apply EmptyTue Apr 28, 2009 11:35 am

I. Personal Information

Name: Jostein

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Country: Norway

About yourself: Well I'm 17 years old, I go on school monday to friday from 08:30 to 14:30 I live for myself so I have much time to play. I'm always trying to bee funny ;P

Online time: 15:00 - 01:00

Communication: (Are you able to communicate on vent/ts?) OFC : )

We are raiding 3-4 times a week(Mon-Thu) starting 20:00 server time and ending 00:00. Are you okay with this days/times? yes.

II. Character Information

Nick: xzhero
Class: Mage
Race: Male Undead
Level: 80

Time played: (/played) 28 days

Talent spec: (Main spec and off specs if there are any) Main spec: Fire .. Rly good pve specc look at it : )

Armoury Link:

Post your UI: (screenshot)

Professions: (Your current proffesions, Level, and why you picked them? Engineering (361) ( I dont rly know why i started it ) Tailoring 417 ( Bckaus i get earn much money and make good gear to myself)

III. Additional Informations

About your class: (tell us why you picked this class, and list pro's and con's) I did pick Mage beckaus its a imba dps class in raid and pvp. And its a funny class to play ,

What websites and/or Forums do you visit?

Preparation to raids: (how do you prepare for raids? what flasks/food/potions etc are used) I'm using Flask and making food to the raid and myself hehe x ) and repaired ofc .

Experience: (what is your pve experience, what raids have you been on, previous mmo experience) Os 10/25 Voa 10/25 NAxx 10/25 And have done the first 4 bosses in ulduar in hc

PvP: (what is your pvp experience) i'm not pvp atm

Alts: (do you have any alts? what is their lvl?) 80 shaman.

Previous guild: (what is your last guild and why did you decided to leave them) OcUK i did leav the guild beckaus i have stoped played .. but i'm back now for full : ) And abyssus i did leav it beckaus they where noob and i am not kidding !

Reason to join us and your expections: (why do you want to join us and what do you expect from us?) Beckaus i'm looking for a new and a social guild .. and people told me this is the right guild : )

Your goals: (what do you want to achieve, how long are you planning to play WoW) i'm not planning how long i'm gonna play... But i'm gonna play atlest 3 years more x )

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PostSubject: Re: Mage apply   Mage apply EmptyTue Apr 28, 2009 11:36 am

Armory link
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PostSubject: Re: Mage apply   Mage apply EmptyTue Apr 28, 2009 11:42 am

Thanks for the application. However we are currently overstocked on Mages and cannot offer you a place at this time.

~ Veni

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PostSubject: Re: Mage apply   Mage apply Empty

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Mage apply
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