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 Blood Draining

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PostSubject: Blood Draining   Blood Draining EmptyThu May 21, 2009 9:16 am

As you should now be well aware there are two new tanking enchants from Ulduar which our guild can also craft. This thread will look at my personal favourite Blood Draining

Use: Teaches you how to permanently enchant a melee weapon to sometimes grant Blood Reserve when striking an enemy or inflicting damage with bleed attacks, healing you when your health is low. Enchantment requires level 75.

I have taken this from which I think describes how effective Blood Draining is for PROGRESSION RAIDS (ie. Ulduar)

How it works is that as you attack the target you gain up to five stacks of a buff called Blood Reserve, which combined can heal you for up to 2,200. That doesn’t sound like a whole lot but then again the amount healed isn’t really the best part of the enchant. The best part is that the enchant fires off automatically when you are reduced to under 35% of your total health pool. That means that it works much like the old Commendation of Kael’thas but instead of giving you dodge raiting it fires off a little extra heal for you. Does the 2,200 number not excite you? Well let’s look at some numbers:

Runic Healing Potion: 2,700 to 4,500 health.
Super Healing Potion: 1,500 to 2,500 health.
The effect of a full five stack of Blood Reserve going off and healing you is equivalent to drinking a nearly maximized Super Healing Potion! “That’s not amazing, it’s just a Super Healing Potion,” I hear some of you saying and while it’s true you might be forgetting two things:

It’s automatic. You never have to think about using it, it just fires off the instant you fall below 35% health.
Potion Sickness. The days of being able to chain-chug pots as an oh-shit button are gone. We know this and we aren’t happy about it but we’ve adapted. I just recently looked at a WWS report from our Auriaya kill this week and I noticed that a healthstone I used gave me 4,337 health but, again, I could only use it once and I had to trigger it. I regained a total of 8,828 health from Blood Draining over the course of the same fight, that’s the same amount of healing as if I had used an additional two healthstones!
Bear in mind, however, that while Blood Draining is fantastic for progression fights where your raid might be a little under geared or new to the content that you’re attempting, it will be very much wasted if you are doing farm content since it will rarely, if ever, proc. If you are looking at farm content, look at other enchants.

Now from looking at the description it seems pretty dull but the important features are:
  • Stacks five times to give max healing of 2200 crittable
  • 50% chance on melee hit to proc with an internal CD of 10secs
  • 40secs to reach full potential
  • *Smart* heal-heals you when you need it (under 35%)
  • Assuming this only happens once ever 40 secs gives an effective health boost of 2200, lesser effect if more often but still more health
  • Effectively an automatic instant mini panic button with very minimal CD
  • The ONLY defensive enchant that works against magic damage

To summarize it is an AMAZING progression enchant for use where damage is high and frequent. Not the best enchant for farm content when health barely drops below 35%
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Blood Draining
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