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 Fire / FFB - Glyph of Living Bomb

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Fire / FFB - Glyph of Living Bomb Empty
PostSubject: Fire / FFB - Glyph of Living Bomb   Fire / FFB - Glyph of Living Bomb EmptyFri Jun 05, 2009 4:07 am

It is affected by all damage and crit talents except Hot Streak and the 6% crit of World in Flames. Burnout, CSD, 4T7 crit modifiers apply, but there is no mana cost/refund from Burnout/Master of Elements. Ignite is applied, causing more rolling and stuttering, but proper testing show no statistically significant gains or losses.
It interacts with Combustion, i.e. it increases but also consumes charges. Hence it makes the weak talent Combustion even worse since LB DoT crits are vastly smaller than FB/FFB crits.

Fire / FFB - Glyph of Living Bomb 199169
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Fire / FFB - Glyph of Living Bomb
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