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 holy priest

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PostSubject: holy priest   holy priest EmptyTue Dec 16, 2008 9:30 am

hello once again, i was informed that u would still accept me if i made an apply, reason i apply once again is that i was told some stardust members would form a new guild but sadly didnt turn out that way. im going to make it a little quick and copy past the "please read" as i hate writing things two times xD

Name: Danni
Age: 21
Location: Denmark

Char name: Kelthan
Level: 80
Race: Undead
Class: Priest
Spec (intended end game): Holy
Profs: tailoring enchanting, may change it to herb+alchy soonish then i get some time to farm it up.

What are your relative stats at the moment?(hit, healing etc): unbuffed(no inner fire) i got 1624 spellpower, 16,4k mana, 311 mp5 while casting 800 when not.
What are your immediate goals concerning your character?: i want to see and kill arthas in this expansion, and also do some 25 man raiding, be a decent part of the arena scene, depends if i got time or not.
What addons do you prefer to use for your character?(Picture of UI): i got many atm, put UI ones are xpearl, arcinventory, and a addon for wide quest log which i dont remmber the name of.
Have ever paid or contacted any powerleveling third-party companies(gold selling etc)?: never oh i forgot my addon that block goldsellers Smile

WoW experience: i played 4 diffrent chars on max lvl, warrior, druid, priest and mage. i've done hardcore raiding in vanilla wow where i also did some hardcore pvp farming. in WOTLK i cleared naxx 10 man 3 times.
Previous guilds: on shattered halls only Stardust, i used to play alliance.

Reasons for Joining:
my irl friends joined, and told me that u had alot of dedicated players. but was still going raiding casual style, i want that as i work as a electrician and will have short periods where i cant raid as much when i got exsame and stuff like that. and I do enjoy real life too Smile

Best regards Kelthan
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PostSubject: Re: holy priest   holy priest EmptyTue Dec 16, 2008 9:36 am

Your application has been successful, please contact Veniversum or Blowmytotem in-game.
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holy priest
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