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 Top Secret :O :O))

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PostSubject: Top Secret :O :O))   Sat Nov 29, 2008 8:32 am

Name: George, but many ppl are saying me Ban or Pety :O)
Age: 22 and I rly hope that it will take some time to be older :OD
Location: Czech republic ... hell aaa Bridge aka Most, some of dirty cities on norht of this "republic" now, but I want to move somewhere else, so if you have any work offer and place for living, tell it :OP

Char name:
Bannan ... long history about this name, I got ban on last server for one bad thing. I looted boss in Sethekk halls when he didn't do anything. I said those GMs that it wasn't my fault, but game's fault and they gave me ban for 3 days :OX And I created priest with name Bannan ... when I moved on official server, I choosed same name like on that free czech server where I played.
80 for some days Twisted Evil
Tauren's bull ... no! not cow Evil or Very Mad :O)))
Warrior cheers
Spec (intended end game):
Only one spec which is best ... me aa protection :OP I just don't know how to play rly good others and I like that feeling when everything is hitting me in instances :O Hitting fetish? maybe :OD
Link to armoury:
I have some problems with my browsers and link to armory right now :O/ Anyway if you will write Bannan there, Im on the top.

WoW experience:
I played for hunter two years on last server (that unofficial free czech server which I named before). Then I tryied some others char (warrior, priest, druid, shaman) on others free czech servers but its not anything special. And after they finally opened Mount Hyjal, I left my T5 equiped hunter, cause there were many server's shutdowns, lagging etc. ... it was really horrible playing there :OX

Previous guilds:
Hmm, Im not sure if I should to write here guilds from previous servers, but ok :O))

Descendants of Lorellin
I joined them on 25 lvl of my hunter I think. They were rly friendly and nice ppl. Soon I got post of guild master assistent, they just loved me ... maybe cause I was only one LWrker there :O :ODD
Ok, so we moved from there too TWoS cause many ppl from us got offer to move there too, you know ... to be stronger.

The Wizzards of Shadow
I came there and became one of best hunter's there. It wasn't so hard, I had second best equip on server (first one was friend from other guild who was 70 lvl when T6 instances was opened, so he got for example bow from Archimonde which I can't cause MH was closed at time when I reached 70 :OX ).
We progressed all open raids there (T4-5 raid instances), hc instances which was most of the time more worst than raids, cause bad setup of dmg etc. ... just MaNGOS powa! :OD
(For example that random attack of Nalorak hitted me to mail for 30k dmg, so instant kill if you didn't know some tricks :OD)
Nvm, when I decided with Liecitel, Lawmanka and Ultin to move from that hell, we choosed Shattered Halls realm. Reason? Its simple ... recomended status for newcomers :O)

The Alliance Bashers
My first and last guild on this realm. I joined it cause someone in low-lvl instance offer me it. There're/were rly friendly and nice ppl, but I started to play this game because I want to progress instances. Just watching other ppl and seeing their equip-growup is annoying for me. And many ppl there are little slow or they didn't buy Wotlk or they don't know how to play their classes :O/
I became guild leader of TaB cause there weren't any other ppl to take this post after "makers" of guild left game cause no-time for playing.
It really took me long time to decide to leave, but I really believe thats good step.

Reasons for Joining:
Ok, so I saw announcement on one of general chat when Wotlk started. And what a surprise, that man who spam it was my respected friend Big :O) I saw him in pug raids which were so often before Wotlk. He was in Badgers of Justice before ... it was main reason why I had to smile everytime see him :OD
I was really satisfied with his playing for fury warrior when we went everywhere.
Next one is Asop. This man took me (as offtank in those times) and rest of my guildies to first almost guild Karazhan run. Rly thx for it man .O)
And many thx for his words ... something like: "Just keep your trying and you could be successful!"

So, you have some good players who were/are nice to me everytime I see them, so I want to join this comunity and raise your lines :O))

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Im just 22 years old crazy man from Czech republic, who love tramping, playing WoW and main love is my Kate sunny
I didn't have many oppurtunities to use English at all here in Czech republic, so sorry for my gramatic mistakes ... long time from school :O :OP
Yea, as you see, I love using smilies lol!
Some ppl are saying that Im man with patient who is nice to others ... well, they're lying, so don't trust them ... Im nervous counter-strike player like others here Mad
Or maybe not, cause I didn't see CS over three years :OD
Ok, now seriously ... if you want some1 who is still hungry, Im your man ... take me! take me! :O)))
I think that I said everything what is not secret thing :O)
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PostSubject: continue ...   Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:04 am

Finally I got there:

And I forgot something about exp with playing :O
Sure that I have some exp from Shattered Halls as well :O))
Six months of playing or something like that here ... we did full guild runs in Kara and Zul'Aman.
And some 25 man runs with pug, but full runs were only those to T4 instances, we just started really late and didn't have ppl for it.
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PostSubject: So once more time :OD   Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:06 am

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PostSubject: Re: Top Secret :O :O))   Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:07 am

Nice application, hope to see you in the guild
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PostSubject: Re: Top Secret :O :O))   Sat Nov 29, 2008 12:13 pm

Bannan, thats a brilliant application you have there. your fellow Alliance Bashers should use this as a guidline... i will speak to you in game Smile

Thanks for your time and input Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Top Secret :O :O))   

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Top Secret :O :O))
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