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 holy paladin spec for 3.1

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PostSubject: holy paladin spec for 3.1   Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:12 am

ok have spent the last 4 hours looking on about 30 different sites

there are people fighting between 2 specs.

if anyone could have a look through and see what you think. gimme a little feedback.
also a little help with glyphs would be awesome, in both links i have 2 choices i have picked out.
love crits xxxx

choice A glyphs- Holy light, seal of wisdom and holy shock
choice B glyphs- Holy light, seal of wisdom and Flash of light
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PostSubject: Re: holy paladin spec for 3.1   Wed Apr 15, 2009 6:51 am

from my side,
-improved blessings talents always get first. BoW and BoM I mean.
-Heart of Crusader is not necessary because of our elemental shamies.However it must be because its filler talent:D
-New aura mastery looks like imba.That's must be talnet I think.
-Improved judgement ? meeh.Judgements give 1 min isnt big change cast it 2 sec early I think.

Glyph? hımm holy light and SoW is necessary but FoL or HS ? this is confused me.Because it is too long that I have playing with holy pala(TBC and before vanillia ages) and HS was crap while in TBC and Vanillia.Dunno HS how benefit with talents.Anyway if I were you I would choose HS glyph Very Happy
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holy paladin spec for 3.1
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