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 Warlock application

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Warlock application Empty
PostSubject: Warlock application   Warlock application EmptySat May 09, 2009 6:02 pm

I. Personal Information

Name: Tasos

Age: almost 30

Sex: M

Country: Greece

About yourself:
I'm 30 years old, working for an insurance company for the past 10 years. I have computers as a hobby and building up sites and programming. I have been told that i'm a funny guy.

Online time: (When can you play?)
I'm online every day for a decent amount of time

Communication: (Are you able to communicate on vent/ts?)
I'm a part time English teacher and i have ventrilo and Teamspeak so communicating is not a problem.

We are raiding 3-4 times a week(Mon-Thu) starting 20:00 server time and ending 00:00. Are you okay with this days/times?
No problem at all

II. Character Information

Nick: Coldheartab
Class: Warlock
Race: Orc
Level: 80

Time played: (/played)
Total time played: 97 days, 21 hours, 20 minutes
Time played this level: 37 days, 12 hours, 5 minutes

Talent spec: at this point my main spec is hybrid 41 demo / 30 destro
Off Spec: havent taken dual spec yet but thinking of taking and putting affliction since i hear that it does huge dps

Post your UI: (screenshot)

Professions: (Your current proffesions, Level, and why you picked them?)
Tailoring 446
Enchanting 446

III. Additional Informations

About your class: (tell us why you picked this class, and list pro's and con's)
I used to be a hardcore D2 Lod for 10 straight years with a special love for necromancers (curses, minions and things like that) so when i first saw wow and the characters available the only one that came close to that was a warlock. This one is my pride and joy, even though there are not a lot of things (leave Ulduar out) to do with him i never get bored to play.

What theorycrafting have you done with you're class?
You cought me in surprise with this question...of to search it a bit

What websites and/or Forums do you visit?
used to be a part of a community called The Amazon Basin so most of my time was spent there since i was a moderator and Euro Channel coordinator at D2. Now i just visti wow-europe in case i want something and the usuall wowwiki, thottbot

Preparation to raids: (how do you prepare for raids? what flasks/food/potions etc are used)
Always have the max number of shards (32), 3 flasks of frostwyrm, 10 firecracker salmons (in case there is no feast) and mana/healing pots.

Experience: (what is your pve experience, what raids have you been on, previous mmo experience)
Pre tbc not much, at tbc i have done kara, zul aman, gruuls, mag, partly Black Temble and one boss in Sunwell
At WoTLK i have cleared all 25man contest besides ulduar. I have downed 3 out of 4 bosses of the first part of Ulduar in hc mode

PvP: (what is your pvp experience)
Usued to be a pvp only player before WoTLK. 1900 rating arena team with vengefull/brutal gear. At that time sl/sl spec of warlock was very good so enjoyed doing pvp. Right now I'm mostly pve and do some WG for honor and marks. I have almost full hatefull pvp gear (missing head)

Alts: (do you have any alts? what is their lvl?)
Volcano my alt mage at 61, a DK also at 61 and a young pala at 25
At my gfs account (which was mine but passed to her so i dont need to get her a new one) there is a warr 70, ally mage 70 and some others lower lvl which i dont actually remember at this point Very Happy

Previous guild: (what is your last guild and why did you decided to leave them)
ONI: i was raid leader but couldnt take the drama and loot fighting after each raid
Art Of Mesmerise: left cause everyone left due to people slacking and not showing up
Geeks go all the way: This is the one i'm in right now. Its a very good guild with progress but for me its better to play with people that i know (real life or in game). In VFML at this point there is Olorin whixh is a real life friend and as i have seen (and heard from him when we talked) Rethos is coming back Very Happy.

Reason to join us:
End game raiding, fun and friends

Expectations of VFML:
progress in raiding, fun and have a chanse to raid with people that i know and had great time in the past

Your goals: (what do you want to achieve, how long are you planning to play WoW)
to clear Ulduar 10/25man is my main goal since i have cleared all other 25man raids.
How long am i going to play Wow ? thats a tricky question.....Real life can cause problems sometimes but if everything is ok then i will be here for a long time. I think i will it will be hard for me not to test out Diablo3 (old loves die hard) but i dont think that i will stop from WoW

Other: (Is there anything else you want to add, do it here)
I don think there is anything else to add but feel free to ask me anything you want in game or here. I'm always open to questions Very Happy
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Warlock application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warlock application   Warlock application EmptySun May 10, 2009 5:25 am

A very active,dedicated and decent player.I think the officers should check him out.I'm sure u wont be disapointed!
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PostSubject: Re: Warlock application   Warlock application EmptySun May 10, 2009 6:25 am

Thanks for your application. Our Warlock Class Leader will be in touch to ask you some questions.

Warlock application 199169
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PostSubject: Re: Warlock application   Warlock application Empty

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Warlock application
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