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 Holy/Tank/Retri Pala LF guild

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Holy/Tank/Retri Pala LF guild Empty
PostSubject: Holy/Tank/Retri Pala LF guild   Holy/Tank/Retri Pala LF guild EmptyWed Jul 01, 2009 12:00 pm

. Personal Information

tell me when and were Wink (Male)
About yourself:
I like to play WoW, and i got high expectations of myself to do better always
Online time: (When can you play?)
every evening except thusday, and sunday all day
Communication: (Are you able to communicate on vent/ts?)
i got Vent. TeamSpeak
We are raiding 3-4 times a week(Mon-Thu) starting 20:00 server time and ending 00:00. Are you okay with this days/times?
Monday is good only Thusday i go to the gym
II. Character Information


Time played: (/played)
18 days 23 hours 19min
Talent spec: Holy
Off Spec: Retri. and i'm def capt with my tank gear

Post your UI: (screenshot)
standard holyspec
Professions: (Your current proffesions, Level, and why you picked them?
Herb 450/ Inscript 435 nice shoulder enchant, and free armor vellium for my mage
III. Additional Informations

About your class: (tell us why you picked this class, and list pro's and con's)
i chose Paladin cause i liked the fact that you have a healer in plate that isn't 1 hit in hc's or normal instances
What theorycrafting have you done with you're class?
WoWwiki is my friend.. read alot about Tanking and healing to get a good routine and PEWPEW
What websites and/or Forums do you visit?
Preparation to raids: (how do you prepare for raids? what flasks/food/potions etc are used)
I'm inscription so always take scrolls with me.. Flasks depend on the price.. buff food is a must!
Experience: (what is your pve experience, what raids have you been on, previous mmo experience)
Naxx10/25 fully cleared several times.. Ulduar is still a mistery for me.. for so far i only seen movies on Tankspot
PvP: (what is your pvp experience)
did alot of pvp in the lvl 70 days with my mage.. now i do WG randomly
Alts: (do you have any alts? what is their lvl?)
Mage lvl 80 (chickany) Priest lvl 76 (Feelingholy)
Previous guild: (what is your last guild and why did you decided to leave them)
Holy Murder Masquared.. It was more off a friend guild there wasn't any progress at all so i started looking for a new guild.
Reason to join us:
Your Progress is Very Very good.. I enjoyed doing instances with an alt of Blowmytotem..

Expectations of VFML:
Making progress.. maybe Learn things that is didn't know yet ( everyday is a good day to learn =P)
Your goals: (what do you want to achieve, how long are you planning to play WoW)
Dont really got goals.. i do what is possible at that moment, and get the most fun out of the game... and im planning to play for a long time ^^ (till death do us part xD)
Other: (Is there anything else you want to add, do it here)
I Got ADHD so im a jumper =P dont get anoyed =P
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Holy/Tank/Retri Pala LF guild Empty
PostSubject: Re: Holy/Tank/Retri Pala LF guild   Holy/Tank/Retri Pala LF guild EmptyWed Jul 01, 2009 5:05 pm

Hi, thanks for applying to VFML.

I am afraid at this point, your gear is not up to spec for Ulduar 25 raiding.

I would also like to point out some things you could change for better performance.
You are currently missing a back enchant, you are using Shining Spellthread instead of Sapphire Spellthread and you have the low level weapon SP enchant.
If you are looking into going to Ulduar 10 or 25 u might want to think about upgrading your enchants.

Thanks again and good luck in your search for a guild.
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Holy/Tank/Retri Pala LF guild
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