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 Resto Shaman

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PostSubject: Resto Shaman   Resto Shaman EmptyMon Mar 30, 2009 10:52 am

I. Personal Information

Name: Rick

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Country: Netherlands

About yourself: I'm Rick atm i'm styding/working i have been playing wow for about 4 years now all diffirent classes but think shammy is the most pro one

Online time: (When can you play?) All days of the week mostly occasionally an exception ofcourse(cant see the future 0_o)

Communication: (Are you able to communicate on vent/ts?) Duh, nuff said

We are raiding 3-4 times a week(Mon-Thu) starting 20:00 server time and ending 00:00. Are you okay with this days/times?
Perfect early sleepies for me Wink

II. Character Information

Nick: Brutalshock
Class: Shaman
Race: Tauren
Level: 80

Time played: (/played) 34 Days 17 Hours 48 minutes 19,20,21,22 seconds

Talent spec: (Main spec and off specs if there are any) Resto 0/16/55 / Elemental

Armoury Link:

Post your UI: (screenshot) Resto Shaman Wowscrnshot033009184326

Professions: (Your current proffesions, Level, and why you picked them? Eng/mining. For the goggles @ tbc level 350

III. Additional Informations

About your class: (tell us why you picked this class, and list pro's and con's) i like shamans there good dps and good healers, had a DK before but it started to bore me because it was overhyped and there were TOOOO much of them

What theorycrafting have you done with you're class? Forums, sites, The whole shiznaz

What websites and/or Forums do you visit? None other then guild forums

Preparation to raids: (how do you prepare for raids? what flasks/food/potions etc are used) usually bring foods if i dont forget.

Experience: (what is your pve experience, previous mmo experience) Done all on my DK just started with my shammy

PvP: (what is your pvp experience) uhm crappy arena rating and few bg's

Alts: (do you have any alts? what is their lvl?) Dysprosium DK 80, Lightvortex mage 61,

Previous guild: (what is your last guild and why did you decided to leave them) Outrageous they say there active i say there not

Reason to join us and your expections: (why do you want to join us and what do you expect from us?) because its a good guild and i expect to raid not to keep the bench warm

Your goals: (what do you want to achieve, how long are you planning to play WoW) few years/ achieving total world domination

Other: (Is there anything else you want to add, do it here) Family guy rules
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PostSubject: dont shoot me   Resto Shaman EmptyMon Mar 30, 2009 10:53 am

Need to work a lil on the interface tough its kinda crap atm
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PostSubject: Re: Resto Shaman   Resto Shaman EmptyMon Mar 30, 2009 10:56 am

Thanks for the application, I'll discuss it with the other Officers and be in touch Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Resto Shaman   Resto Shaman Empty

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Resto Shaman
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