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PostSubject: Izho-Mage-Shattred Halls   Izho-Mage-Shattred Halls EmptyTue Apr 28, 2009 11:17 am

I. Personal Information

Name: Petter

Age: 17

Sex: sure Wink Jokes aside... Male

Country: Sweden

About yourself: Im a guy that now begins hes 17th summer im live in a small community called Tanumshede were i go to school... My intrest is to play computer and play soccer im a guy who can take Critism and turn it to make me a better player and im also a guy with a lot of humor.

Online time: (When can you play?) Everyday from 18:00 - 24:00

Communication: (Are you able to communicate on vent/ts?) Yes got it all.

We are raiding 3-4 times a week(Mon-Thu) starting 20:00 server time and ending 00:00. Are you okay with this days/times? Yep, They work awesome.

II. Character Information

Nick: Izho
Class: Mage
Race: Undead
Level: 80

Time played: (/played) 30days 14 hours.

Talent spec: (Main spec and off specs if there are any) 57/3/11 Arcane got pvp frost as secondary talent.

Armoury Link:

Post your UI: (screenshot)

Professions: (Your current proffesions, Level, and why you picked them? I don't got any professions to really brag about i just got herbalism 170 i picked it becouse it was moneymaking but i hated to do it so i quit it.

III. Additional Informations

About your class: (tell us why you picked this class, and list pro's and con's) I picked this class becouse mage does awesome dmg and are a really nice class to play you never get bored.

What theorycrafting have you done with you're class? Don't Understand the question sry.

What websites and/or Forums do you visit?

Preparation to raids: (how do you prepare for raids? what flasks/food/potions etc are used) OF course to every raid new repaird and flask and food is in bag.

Experience: (what is your pve experience, what raids have you been on, previous mmo experience) Ive cleared every 25 man and 10 man exept Ulduar since i havent been in a nice raiding guild lately.

PvP: (what is your pvp experience) I play pvp for fun nothing serious.

Alts: (do you have any alts? what is their lvl?) Ye i got a 80 Dranei Paladin and a 71 Human rogue but i do not play in them very much.

Previous guild: (what is your last guild and why did you decided to leave them) As i said i havent been in a nice raiding guild atm so just joined a swedish guild for fun and now i wanna start raid serious again so.

Reason to join us and your expections: (why do you want to join us and what do you expect from us?) I want to join you becouse i want to raid and help the guild to progression in the new raid instance Ulduar... I dont really got any expectations but if i join i want to get the chance to raid^^.

Your goals: (what do you want to achieve, how long are you planning to play WoW) I want to achieve that the guild im in is one of the best on server and im ready to support it 100%, I havent evene thought about quiting wow.. and i wont do it in a long time.

Other: (Is there anything else you want to add, do it here) Just that i will be a nice m8 to help the raid with progress and i hope you pick me :p

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PostSubject: Re: Izho-Mage-Shattred Halls   Izho-Mage-Shattred Halls EmptyTue Apr 28, 2009 11:19 am

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PostSubject: Re: Izho-Mage-Shattred Halls   Izho-Mage-Shattred Halls EmptyTue Apr 28, 2009 11:21 am

Thanks for the application. However we are currently overstocked on Mages and cannot offer you a place at this time.

~ Veni

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PostSubject: Re: Izho-Mage-Shattred Halls   Izho-Mage-Shattred Halls Empty

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Izho-Mage-Shattred Halls
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